OLSR am Nokia N900

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Nokia´s N900 is a Smartphone powered by maemo5, a Debian-based Linux-Distro.

The integrated WLAN is capable of running in Ad-Hoc-Mode and olsrd has been ported to it.

You can find it there: http://texas.funkfeuer.at/~gregor/olsrn.tgz

Steps to connect to your favorite olsr-Network (Funkfeuer, Freifunk, etc.):

  • Open X Terminal
  • Install "root" using this tutorial: wiki.maemo.org/Root_access
  • Become root
  • Install wget
  • Download the package mentioned above: wget http://texas.funkfeuer.at/~gregor/olsrn.tgz
  • Unpack it: tar -xvzpf olsrn.tgz -C /
  • Whenever you are in reach of the network, connect to it using maemo´s network manager. Set a static IP.
  • Open X Terminal again and start olsrd: olsrd
  • You can see olsrd-status by opening this address in the browser: http://localhost:8080




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