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Freebone Management Network


moved to:

Main nodes (DEPRECATED)


1x RB433AH in alubox

planned links:
- ho6 (24 dbi grid)
- ares tower (30 dbi grid) 
- geraldo (23 dbi panel)
tested link:
- geraldo osbridge as client 6-8 mbit (the same when @vivi)

to do:
- 2.4ghz accespoint (fonera in 14dbi antenna box) only for very near clients
- better 2.4ghz ? sector ?


Markus G., Markus K.


Nobody knows whats there, probably RB433 in alubox with some random antennas.

Also a pair of RB411 working as my uplink. (not touched since 6 months works stable in 54*2/54*2 mbps mode, 30 mbps)

Soon to be rebuild with RB493AH(replacement for poor indoor vlan switch), better antenna paths separation.


2X RB433 in alubox 

functional links:
- ffh (26 dbi grid) osbridge as client 10mbps
- heuberg (26 dbi grid) ~40mbps throghput, unstable on heuberg RX side, 36mbps*2/36mbps*2 turbo mode fixed
- ho6 (23 dbi panel) - ccq ~50%, soon be moved @NIX
to do:
- akh (23 dbi panel) 
- 2.4ghz access point for very near clients


IP Assignments (DEPRECATED)

old mangement ips will get deprecated soon spenger25 rb411 heunord rb411 heunord rb433 garten94 rb433 liechtwicht rb433 nord27 rb411 hp4 rb433 gerhardusgasse rb411 - connected to hp4 jg7 NIX - rb433AH rosenstein
192.168.101/2/3.12 kryptaroof-lower rb433 - ether3 management IP only ! ho6-rb532
192.168.101/2.14 kryptaroof-upper rb433 ptp to heunord and turbo-mode ptmp to nbg/jg7 nbg-roof rb493AH nbg heusued hh10 RB493AH - spenger25 indoor testbed :)  RB433AH nix-to-ares   mac: 00:0c:42::3c:e9:7f  RB433AH ares-to-nix   mac: 00:0c:42::3c:de:c9

see also: NBG

on olsr router behind the 5 ghz devices there is following rule for ip assignment for better management of routerboards (e.g. useful for ssh-tunnel)

above shall mean if routerboard has router attached to routerboard should have

best place to add this ip (on an fff-router) is to append /etc/init.d/S40network with

#routerboard management ip
ip addr add dev vlan1

(Caution: this will not survive flashing the router again)

btw: if you have multiple (olsr) routers attached to the routerboard, than you setup is to be considered invalid, as it causes unwanted traffic to the routerboard network!

ips of range are reserved for temporal usage only!


after you got into the bash of your routerboard,..

it`s easy to put olsrd on it (and some other usefaul utilities, e.g. ip or busybox with missing applets)

more info on how to get into RouterOS Bash needed. I am working on it and will post it when i figure it out.

 there is no real need to work on this,.. we (and others) already know how to do,..
 we just do not like to publish it,.. (blame markit *G (whom you can reach for example over 0xff mailinglists))

but if you are running RouterOS on x86 hardware go here for some very nifty stuff [1]

vote on this if you want MK to be more developer friendly

some useful things/hints:

  • the RouterOs/Winbox Files section store files in /rw/pckg
  • many utilities are there but not symlinks to busybox e.g. use #busybox ls
  • you may add symlinks for convenience or add scripts to /etc/run.d/* but do not whine if your boards stops booting, if you did something wrong (you may have to recover with netinstall, or serial connection)
  • RouterOs numbers Routing tables internally different than what you enter (so if you wanna use RtTable you have to fiddle around a bit, to get the right table)
  • the oldest ip adress is the primary one per interface, (if you edit one, its the newest again, and not the primary one any more (this is just a problem if you have multiple adresses per interface)
  • icmp_redirects can not be turned off via the /proc/sys/net/ipv4/all/icmp_redirects, so you can/should not use olsr with adhoc mode wifi links or on software bridges
  • if you want to mod (e.g. put a link to the olsrd-httpinfo) the web-startpage use /home/web/index2.html.orig to do it permanently (to draft use the index2.html)


um 811.n nutzen zu könen muss man auf Routeros 4 upgraden (momentan gibts davon erstmals nur betas)

bis jetzt hat sich aber mal herausgestellt das 811.n mit tcp nutzdaten ziemlich viel cpu-braucht, d.h. mit 300Mhz boards haben ich nicht mehr als ca. 35mbit hdx 25mbit fdx Durchsatz geschafft (auf nen link der 200mbit udp schaffte), mit 680Mhz boards (auf beiden seiten) 60mbit hdx bzw 50mbit fdx, und mit 800Mhz getaktet dann 75mbit hdx und 60mbit fdx.

nicht ganz berauschend, denn auf einem nstreme dual link haben auch 300mhz boards kein problem 80mbit fdx zu bewältigen, oder schaffen auch auf nen normalen 811.a turbo link mehr durchsatz (knapp 70mbit hdx) als mit 811.n

Geplant (Markus)

--> check freebone activities also!

(done!) Leopoldsberg - HP 4

(progress!) nbg-krypta mit 811.n oder nstreme dual austatten

Heunord antenna 2 - herzilein (28dbi grid dort schon vorhanden und ausgerichtet)

ho6 - liechtwicht

heunord - kahlenberg

(progress!) signalqualität auf krypta heunord verbessern (antennen, standort, bessere minipcis, schirmung,...)

Plans (Jan)

Create point to multipoint, fully redundant (OSPF setup) uplink in triangle:


Capable of carrying 60-80 mbps traffic full duplex

    we need:
    3x ALIX 3c1 or RB433AH
    6x mini pci sparklan or R52
    3x ALU BOX for board, with 3xN-ufl pigtails
    3x MARS 25 DBI dual polarisation antenna
    6x pigtails ufl-n
    6x 2 meters of 5ghz (RF400) meter cable N-N   

Functional routerboard links:

heunord - spenger25

tadellos 30mbps
2x rb411´

heunord antenna 3 - VIVI (UPLINK for heunord)

temporary link, antenas not perfect aligned 18/18 mbps
08/12/01 antenna on vivi moved away, fixed in Novermeber
08/12/15 link deaktiviert, zu schlechtes signal
08/12/29 antenna on vivi fixed again (33db SNR), now 22/25mbit
always suffers from interferences with outher links, maybe minipci shielding, may improve this, or better antenna cables, or bigger distances between antennas,..

heunord antenna 3 - rosentstein

markus, tadellos, geplanter polarisationswechel und verbindung mit heunord antenna 2, to reduce airtime conflicts with VIVI-HEUNORD

heunord antenna 2 - liechtwicht

markus, war tadellos (40mbps) seit november08 etwas problematisch (nach Umbau, vmtl. schlechtes pigtail)
aber auch absichtlich möglichst hohen kanal, und kein rutbo-mode, und geringere leistung 
um heunord - VIVI nicht zu stören, momentan (12/16mbit)

heunord antenna 0 - garten94

markus, currently 25mbps (40 would be no problem)
turbo mode deaktivated, as it makes huge interferences with other links (even when on low tx-power)
very low tx power on both ends (as its only 200 meters anyways, and disturbs viv-heunord)

garten94 (rb433) - nord27 (rb411)

markus, 12km link, 28db grid on garten and 23 db antennabox
18mbit, very reliable, better than with heunord (which it was before), less interference with other 5ghz and with trees (-;

liechtwicht - hp4

markus, felix
19dbi gentlebox, 18dbi dual antenna, 30/18mbps, turbo-mode, noch nicht perfekt ausgerichtet
momentan kein duallink, aber ist geplant, sobald weitere dualantennen vorhanden(schon bestellt)


2x RB532 - andi/markus
durch votivkriche sehr extrem eingeschränkte sicht, ca. 20mbit
26db gridantennen